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We spe­cial­ize in pro­vid­ing Ana­lyt­ics, Secu­rity and Con­trols for respon­si­ble file trans­fer usage to large and medium-​sized enter­prises. Our prod­ucts help cus­tomers world­wide become more secure, more com­pli­ant and more effi­cient.

Despite its flaws, cor­po­ra­tions use FTP due to the fact that FTP is avail­able (and typ­i­cally free) on every plat­form. FTP is used for server to server file trans­fer in the data cen­ter, as an infor­ma­tion shar­ing tool in end user depart­ments and, most impor­tantly, FTP is the most com­mon B2B data exchange pro­to­col, used for trans­fer­ring files to and from ven­dors, cus­tomers and busi­ness part­ners around the globe.

Due to its ori­gins in the aca­d­e­mic world, FTP requires third party man­age­ment tools to pro­vide the secu­rity, con­trols and man­age­ment capa­bil­i­ties required in a cor­po­rate envi­ron­ment han­dling sen­si­tive or con­fi­den­tial data.

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  • Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™
  • Sen­try Armor™
  • Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™
  • Sen­try Guardian™

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™: File Trans­fer Audit­ing, Alert­ing and Automation

Many cor­po­ra­tions would not even notice a breach because they do not have the tools or the processes to detect a breach. In addi­tion, even if they should become aware of a breach they would not be able to reli­ably deter­mine exactly what infor­ma­tion had been accessed.

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ pro­vides the con­trols to mon­i­tor and audit File Trans­fer activ­ity as well as detect and inves­ti­gate sus­pi­cious activ­ity. Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ ensures Audits and Breach inves­ti­ga­tions can be per­formed instantly and are accu­rate, com­pre­hen­sive, timely and cost effective.

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ mon­i­tors File Trans­fer activ­ity across the enter­prise and records the activ­ity in a secure loca­tion for audit pur­poses. It can tell you who accessed what infor­ma­tion when and from where — all at the click of a mouse.

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ also helps reduce expo­sure and pre­vent data breaches by pro­vid­ing an automa­tion frame­work capa­ble of detect­ing uploads of sen­si­tive files and remov­ing files auto­mat­i­cally after suc­cess­ful transfer.

Sen­try Armor™: Pro­tect your servers from FTP Attacks

Sen­try Armor™ pro­tects your servers effec­tively against both Dictionary-​based and Brute Force FTP Attacks in a man­ner that is cost-​effective, easy to imple­ment and requires no effort to oper­ate and maintain.

Sen­try Armor™ mon­i­tors your servers in real time and detects when an FTP attack is tak­ing place. It will not only alert you but also stop the attack and pre­vent future attacks by killing the con­nec­tion and block­ing the attacker from access­ing the server again.

Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™: File Trans­fer Server Discovery

Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ detects secu­rity risks caused by servers you didn’t know were run­ning file trans­fer soft­ware by scan­ning your cor­po­rate net­work and iden­ti­fy­ing every server that is run­ning file trans­fer software.

As this is a recur­ring prob­lem, Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ can be set up to run at reg­u­lar inter­vals and email the scan results to you. New servers run­ning file trans­fer soft­ware will be brought to your atten­tion with no effort on your part. This allows you to eval­u­ate them in sec­onds and decide whether to dis­able them or secure them appro­pri­ately, depend­ing upon the needs of the business.

Sen­try Guardian™: Secure z/​OS FTP with RACF

z/​OS FTP pro­vides access to all files, datasets and batch out­put res­i­dent on a z/​OS sys­tem. How­ever, it runs with a very sim­plis­tic secu­rity model that is not ade­quate for pro­tect­ing remote access to crit­i­cal cor­po­rate data. Sen­try Guardian™ enables a com­pany to con­trol exactly who can access z/​OS FTP, from where and what they are autho­rized do with it, by writ­ing SAF secu­rity rules (RACF, Top Secret or ACF2). These rules can block unwanted FTP activ­ity (e.g. the trans­mis­sion of sen­si­tive data across the fire­wall). They can also block access to the FTP server from unau­tho­rized loca­tions, thereby defeat­ing hack­ers using bots attempt­ing to gain access.

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